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"A3K has been our advisor for almost 10 years and has supported us by navigating some of the most complex and challenging issues facing our business. Through it all, Karen and her team have continued to provide the best (sometimes painful) and honest recommendations to shape our practice. We are grateful for her unrestrained opinions on a wide range of topics."
Lynn Capouya, President

"Good consultants in the AEC industry are very hard to come by. Luckily, I ran across A3K Consulting, LLC. Karen and her team have the personal and professional experience in the field that allow them to come in with a toolbox of knowledge to use and adapt to your organization. Knowledge, listening skills, adaptability, situational leadership, facilitation, and coaching skills are the key components to any successful consulting relationship and Karen and her team have them all. Great firm to address your strategic planning and management consulting needs. They go above and beyond!"
Kevin W. M. Ferguson, Chief Development Officer

“Brandy Little is an inspirational coach, mentor, and results-oriented corporate trainer who uses both her life and professional experiences to help shape and direct people to be the best within their organization. On top of that, she is also a savvy marketing and business development professional. I have known Brandy for over a decade and I have seen her continually develop and grow into the focused and mindful business leader she is today.”
Hildegard Dodd, Associate, Business Development

“I think big decisions are best done after surrounding yourself with knowledge and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather lean on than Karen Compton. A3K Consulting has helped us develop a marketing strategy, taught a BD seminar to our project managers, and developed a roll-out strategy for our second office. Without her expertise and industry knowledge, our decisions would not have been as sound, nor in some cases would we have made the best decision. I have especially appreciated how much she takes our company to heart.”

“When Karen first came to us, we were leery of her insistence that the best and only way to get more business from SCE was simply to “become a better company.” Karen examined every aspect of our business, and challenged us to constantly and practically make important strategic decisions. The results for our company have been remarkable. Our current revenue base has nearly doubled after five years of stagnant sales! Our margins have increased and we have developed a niche strategy to sustain a competitive edge in the long run.”

"Karen has been someone I have turned to over the years to support with organizational assessments and strategic planning. She is able to quickly assess the opportunities, as well as challenges within our organization. What I respect the most about Karen is that she will say what needs to be said, I don’t engage her to tell me what I want to hear, I engage her to help assess, create solutions and structured follow up."
Mike Concannon, General Manager/Senior Vice President

"Bob Kain adds value to his services through his passion, personal network, and professionalism. His ability to clearly share and communicate his lifetime healthcare achievement(s) has helped to expedite Penta’s entrée into the healthcare marketplace.”
Ronn Lansky, Director of Health Care, L.A.

“As a client overseeing multiple pursuits (each ranging from $30 million to over $1 billion), I need to have a strong team involved in the marketing communications aspects of the pursuit. I also expect innovation and creativity to be a part of that process. Lastly, I need to be able to trust the person working with me during the proposal process to implement the vision and strategic pursuit plan to achieve maximum results. It is because of these requirements Brandy Little is the only person I ask for when PCL needs outside marketing support.”
Paula Stamp, CPSM, Director, Business Development

"A3K has helped us tremendously over the past several years with both our strategic planning and business development efforts. Karen has assembled a top-notch team at A3K who are expert in what they do. We do not hesitate to call upon them whenever we need their professional help/advice or when we are gearing up to launch new company initiatives or when we want to target market to a specific sector or audience."
Mark G. Hoglund, COO/CFO

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