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Elise Kalfayan

Content Manager

BA in Literature, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA


  • Media campaign planning
  • Web planning / user interface
  • Content development 
  • Content management for online platforms

Email: ekalfayan@a3kconsulting.com

​When you learn that Elise Kalfayan lived in Switzerland as a young girl, it makes perfect sense. The Swiss are known for precision and efficiency, and the same is true of Elise. She focuses on exact meaning and nuance, achieving command of the English language. She is so observant and analytical that she can even see the story within the story. Her ability to step back then zoom in gives depth to her editorial solutions, which is appreciated by her clients and peers. Elise consistently delivers on schedule, while demonstrating that sometimes less is more. It really comes as no surprise that she spends her spare time on walks through the neighborhood, seeking out a cozy bookstore, author signing or local play.

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