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Bob Kain, AIA, ACHA

Senior Account Executive & Business Strategist

BS in Architecture, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

California Licensed Architect


  •  Healthcare markets
  • Strategic & business planning
  • Governance & operations
  • Leadership development
  • Education & training

Email: bkain@a3kconsulting.com 
Mobile: (909) 418-4363

​Bob Kain was meant to work in design and construction. From the time he was a young boy constructing elaborate creations with Lincoln Logs through the years he excelled in school in both math and the arts, Bob possessed the balance of logic and creativity needed to thrive as an architect. With dedication and integrity, Bob blazed a successful career path, maximizing every opportunity that came his way and earning a top leadership position at a major architecture firm at a relatively young age. So, when retirement age arrived, Bob knew he wasn’t done building his legacy. Today, he continues to be a mentor and educator. Whether he’s brainstorming a market strategy with his clients or leading a lecture at the local university, Bob’s passion is always evident. Outside of the classroom, Bob can often be found in the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients and creating culinary masterpieces.

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